Secret service to monitor Irving’s death camp tour

Irving, who lost a libel case against Deborah Lipstadt in 2000 after she called him a Holocaust denier, was described by the judge in 2000 as “associating with right-wing extremists who promote neo-Nazism”.

He intends to lead a one-week guided tour of World War II sites in Poland at the end of September, which includes visits to the Warsaw ghetto and Nazi headquarters in that country, as well as Treblinka death camp, where 800,000 Jews were murdered by Nazis in 1942 and 1943.

He is also giving eight lectures in the UK over the next two weeks including in Manchester, Edinburgh and Bradford.

A spokesperson for the Polish Embassy in London said: “The secret services in Poland and the UK are aware of the visit and that he has previously visited Treblinka, and the visit at the end of September will be under strict observation by the Polish authorities. However, because there’s no warrant out for his arrest by either the British or any other EU state there’s nothing else we can do and therefore he’s free to visit Poland and Treblinka.”

She added: “The Republic of Poland shares the concerns of the British Jewish community on this matter.”

Spokesman for the Community Security Trust, Mark Gardner said: “We are aware of these latest attempts to revive his career. He is, however, disgraced and discredited. Nevertheless, his planned trip to Poland appears to be particularly offensive and one can hardly imagine what he will have to say about the fate of Polish Jewry and the Warsaw Ghetto.”

Linda Paterson, chief executive of Yad Vashem UK says she had hoped the Polish authorities would “disallow the visit”.

She added: “For a known Holocaust denier to take people around a concentration camp is totally inappropriate and confrontational.”

Karen Pollock, the Chief Executive of the Holocaust Educational Trust, described the week-long tour as, “insulting the memory of Survivors”.

She added: “David Irving is a racist and a Holocaust denier who serves no purpose but to further provoke far-right extremists and those who would insult the memory of Holocaust victims and Survivors”.

Irving has been quoted in the past as saying that: It isn’t right for Tel Aviv to say ‘David Irving is talking nonsense and of course Adolf Hitler must have known about what was going in Auschwitz and Treblinka.'”

He has also said that, “Hitler was the biggest friend the Jews had in the Third Reich” and that, “The Jews are the architects of their own misfortune”.

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Militants Seized In Dawn Raid

It’s understood that elite troops landed by helicopter near the town, which is located in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley.

According to witnesses in the area, there was fierce fighting in and around the Hezbollah stronghold, as the Israeli forces attempted to gain access to a hospital, where the terrorists were known to be hiding out.

Once the IDF gained entered the facility, they identified five militants who they captured.

Meanwhile, Israel has confirmed that three IDF officers were killed yesterday during clashes in the Lebanese town of Ayta a-Shab. Seven Hezbollah militants are also said to have died during the gun battles which began on Monday.

The fallen IDF soldiers have been identified as Lieutenant Ilan Gabay, 21, from Kiryat Tivon, Staff Sergeant Yehonatan Einhorn, 22, from Moshav Gizmo, and Michael Levine, 21, from Jerusalem.

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