Support WJR’s Haiti Emergency Appeal

Support WJR’s Haiti Emergency Appeal
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An earthquake of such magnitude striking a country so deeply mired in poverty has resulted in true human catastrophe. As of 14th January the death toll remained unknown, although it is feared that thousands have been killed and many more injured. The Red Cross has estimated that 3 million individuals (30% of the population) may require some form of emergency assistance. Damage to buildings is widespread, ranging from the Presidential Palace to shacks in the shanty areas around the city. The lack of social services and employment opportunities in a country with a crumbling infrastructure only heighten the scale of the devastation.

In the immediate aftermath of the crisis, priorities include food and shelter, clean water and sanitation, telecommunications and medical services and supplies. WJR, fulfilling its remit as the primary humanitarian aid agency of the UK Jewish community, has immediately mobilised a response to this tragedy and is liaising with partners on the ground to meet these needs.

Paul Anticoni, WJR‘s Chief Executive, said,
“While it is too early to speculate on the scale of loss of life, we know that it is buildings that kill people, not earthquakes and early reports from Port-au-Prince indicate major building collapse. It seems inevitable that there will be massive unmet humanitarian need. Life is already extremely tough for many in Haiti and this disaster will seriously compound the situation. As part of our Jewish imperative of Tikkun Olam, we are once again calling on our generous community to help us show we care for the victims of such indiscriminative disasters.”

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