Science: ‘I Am A Jew’

Science: ‘I Am A Jew’
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The 22-year-old rapper, who was evicted from the Big Brother house last weekend, sparked a furious debate among viewers on day two of the gameshow when he described himself as “a black Jew” and revealed he’d been circumcised.

The following week, Science, whose real name is Kieron Harvey, turned down the offer of a bacon sandwich, insisting “I don’t eat pork.”
Speculation abounded among avid viewers, but now the rumours can be laid to rest.

Speaking to TJ yesterday, the musician from Leeds, admitted: “Religiously I wasn’t born like Jewish. I’m not a part of no Jewish church or anything like that.”

But he added: “I am a black Jew in terms of my ancestry. There’s a lot of mystery about my ancestry., who I am and where I originally come from. But a lot of people in Ethiopia are Jewish.”

So does he think he’s descended from the Falashas? “I don’t just think it”, he insisted. “I do know it, in my heart.”

And asked whether that was why he didn’t eat pork, he answered: “That’s definitely one of the top reasons.”

Science also expressed an interest in exploring Judiasm . “I’d like to learn a lot more about it definitely”, he said, “understand what it’s all about.”

And despite the hardnosed image he presented in the house, he seemed genuinely delighted and grateful when we offered to send him some information about the Jews of Ethiopia. “Will you do that for me?” he enthused. “Thanks.”

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