Jewish Museum’s Royal Seal Of Approval

Jewish Museum’s Royal Seal Of Approval
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It follows a trip museum by the Prince and the Duchess of Cornwall last year, when the museum celebrated its 75th anniversary.

The site in Camden, is currently closed due to an expansion project that will triple the establishment’s space.

Praising the museum for its “unique and beautiful collection of Judaica” and for serving as “a centre of explanation of the Jewish religion”, the Prince said: “One of the most urgent issues that needs to be addressed today is the fostering of understanding between people of different faiths. Those who can develop such understanding, I believe, will contribute so much more towards the harmonious progress of our world. The development of the extended museum is a project I wholeheartedly support.”

Hailing the Prince’s appointment as patron, Museum Director Rickie Burman said: “It recognises the museum’s role in highlighting the history and life of one of Britain’s oldest minority communities and contributing to interfaith understanding. We look forward to welcoming His Royal Highness to the new Jewish Museum when it reopens in 2009″.

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