Jewish Actress Is Emmerdale’s New Lady Of The Manor

Jewish Actress Is Emmerdale’s New Lady Of The Manor
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Formerly of the Royal Shakespeare Company, Georgia Slowe’s swapped the bard for the barnyard, in the rural romp that is Emmerdale.

The 40-year-old, who plays lady of the manor Perdita Hyde-Sinclair told TJ: “She’s a very forceful character. If she needs to get her own way, she’ll stop at nothing. But she’s not a one-dimensional Wicked Witch of the West character, she’s complicated and vulnerable. She’s capable of getting her hands dirty if it means getting the job done.”

So far, fans have seen the real-life mother-of-two flirting with local vet Hari Prasad. But quite how far this relationship or any other storyline will develop remains to be seen. “When they cast someone in a long-term role like this,” she said, “you never quite know what’s going to be thrown at your character next.”

As well as treading the boards with the RSC, Georgia’s screen credits include The Alleyn Mysteries, The Attic: The Hiding of Ann Frank and Wallenberg: A Hero’s Story. But the Emmerdale experience, she confesses, is like nothing she’s done before. “It’s very fast,” she said, “very different. In a film you might shoot five minutes of scenes a day-and that’s considered progress. You also know your character inside-out. Here, we shoot about12 episodes in a 10- day period and the character changes all the time.”

Georgia, whose former husband Ray Kelvin was the founder of the Ted Baker clothing line, added: “Every fortnight a brand new set of scripts land on you doorstep and you’ve got to start again from scratch.

“The trick is to just forget a script once you’re done with it. Chuck your old lines in the bin and make room for the next. The learning muscle kicks in very quickly”

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