HonestReporting Launches UK Site

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Since 2,000, Honestreporting, which currently has 140,000 subscribers worldwide, has exposed cases of bias against Israel and campaigned for accurate representation of the Jewish state.

Senior Editor of HonestReporting UK Simon Plosker said: “The British media has been, over a sustained period of time, a source of concern for Israel, the British Jewish community and anyone interested in seeing fair and balanced reporting of the Middle East.

“While we are certainly perceived as a pro-Israel organisation, HonestReporting UK’s primary goal is to hold the media accountable to the standards of objectivity and balance to which they claim to adhere.

“We will educate and empower the grassroots to get involved – one person alone may not make an impact but thousands united can.”

For more information visit www.honestreporting.co.uk.

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