Help Save Lives In Israel!

Help Save Lives In Israel!
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With more intensive care ambulances needed by Magen David Adom in the affected areas of southern Israel, we plan to purchase one of these life-saving vehicles to be sent to the region as soon as possible.

The £60,000 cost will include the equipment on board needed to give patients the best possible chance of survival following an attack.

“With rockets continuing to rain down on the people of southern Israel, killing and maiming indiscriminately, many of us thousands of miles away in the Diaspora feel helpless,” said Jewish News Editor Zeddy Lawrence.

“With this campaign, however, we are offering the community one way to come to the aid of Israelis under fire in a very practical way.

“Our readers have a proud track record of rallying for Israel, backing our campaigns to buy Israeli products as the second intifada raged and, most recently, signing Rosh Hashanah cards for Gilad Shalit. We are confident that they will do so again in response to our latest appeal.”

While any donation is, of course, welcome, if just 5,000 of our readers contributed £10 each in the coming days, we will be well on our way to reaching the fundraising target.

The ambulance itself will bear an inscription stating it was donated by readers of the Jewish News, while all those who send a donation will receive a mention in a future issue of the paper.

The campaign, believed to be the first of its kind by a newspaper anywhere in the world, was applauded by MDA UK Chief Executive Eli Benson as yet another “expression of the Jewish News’ proud and long-standing support” for Israel.

Benson – who this week updated Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni on the progress of a £1m fundraising drive launched following the start of Israel’s anti-terror operation – said: “Over the past eight years, Israel’s only medical emergency service has responded to thousands of rocket attacks, rushing towards scenes of the strikes to help the physically injured and those suffering shock as others understandably rush away. Our work in recent weeks, as at all times, has included coming to the aid of both Israelis and Palestinians.

“But Magen David Adom can only continue this life-saving work with the financial backing of supporters worldwide. Even after the conflict is over, the Jewish News ambulance like the others in our fleet will continue to respond to the everyday medical emergencies which make up the bulk of our work. And while we all pray for permanent quiet in the south, Magen David Adom must also be prepared for any future terror attacks in the region.”

Ilford North MP Lee Scott said: “I’d like to commend Jewish News for launching this appeal. MDA does a wonderful job and any help and assistance we can give them in these troubled times should be applauded.”

To make a donation to this life-saving campaign, please send a cheque, made payable to ‘MDA UK’ to: Jewish News Ambulance Appeal, PO Box 34296, London, NW5 1YW. Please include your name and contact details on the back of the cheque.

Alternatively, make a donation online at:

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