Glastonbury Jewish Tent

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A Jewish tent will host a Friday night get-together as part of an “informal but Shomer Shabbat programme”, while there will also be activities on Sunday. Those performing inside the tent – which will be located next to the Hari Krishna tent and near the Glade stage – will include the anarchic GhettoPlotz collective, Clive Selwyn and comedian Katie Burnett.

Tanya Winston, one of the organisers, said: “Glastonbury is the largest and most popular festival in the country, if not the world, and having a space there is a chance to make a real difference to our community. It’s an exciting opportunity to reach thousands of people, many of them young, with a Jewish experience.” As well as creating a Jewish environment for the hundreds of community members attending the event, they will also use the space to teach non Jews about the Jewish community.
For further details, call 07775 841 248.

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