Dayan’s Eye-patch Goes Under Hammer

Dayan’s Eye-patch Goes Under Hammer
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The lot is being put under the online hammer by the military commander’s personal bodyguard Shalom Kaner, who is also hoping to sell Dayan’s custom Smith and Wesson revolver, engraved with the General’s signature.

The firearm, available from, was presented to Dayan by the Smith and Wesson factory when he served as Israeli Defence Minister.
The gun and patch were personally presented to Kaner on 16 October 1981 by Dayan’s wife Rachel, just minutes after her husband had passed away at Tel Ha’Shomer Shiba Hospital.

Moti Sender of Pasarel Israeli Art and Treasures, who are handling the memorabilia sales described the eye-patch as “an icon, a symbol of the State of Israel and of Moshe Dayan who was a local hero and a national statesman. It is a most interesting item”.

As well as the General’s patch, the company is also using ebay to sell an elaborate menorah made of copper bullet-casings that was belonged to Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion.

The candelabra was manufactured in the secret underground munitions factory; the ‘Ayalon Institute’, which played a pivotal role in the War of Independence; producing 40,000 bullets a day at it’s peak for the Jewish underground militia, Haganah.

When Ben Gurion visited the factory during Chanukah in 1948, he was presented with the menorah, which is engraved with the dedication: “To the Prime Minister and Minister of Defence D. Ben Gurion, from the workers of the bullet institute”.

Sender reportedly found the menorah in the Jaffa flea market and subsequently had it authenticated by the man who made it, Ze’ev Falk, who now lives in a retirement home near Tel Aviv.

With a starting price of $12,500, that may be a little out of most punters’ league. However, if you are looking for something slightly cheaper on ebay, you can also pick up a selection of T-shirts bearing slogans such as Kiss My Tuchus and Meshuganer in Hebrew and English.

They may not have the same kudos or historical significance as the Dayan and Ben Gurion memorabilia, but at $18.99, they’re a little cheaper… and they’re not second-hand.

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