Bronfman quits WJC

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An internal memo between WJC Secretary General Stephen Herbits and Bronfman was discovered last week containing alleged remarks describing Tunisian-born European Jewish Congress President Pierre Besnainou as an ‘an Arab who cannot be trusted.’

The document, seen by the Jerusalem Post, said: “He is French. He cannot be trusted. He is Tunisian. Do not discount this either. He works like an Arab.”
The EJC released a statement describing the memo as a “vicious personal attack” on Besnainou

The WJC’s New York office initially denied the remarks, but Herbits apologised for the incident at a meeting in Manhattan on Monday.
Bronfman quit at the meeting after Besnainou threatened to pull the EJC out of the group unless elections were held this year.

It comes amid a power struggle for control of the WJC’s Jerusalem office and calls for new leadership.

Bronfman sensationally sacked longtime WJC member Israel Singer in March, claiming he was embezzling funds.

The move was condemned by the European and Israeli offices. Critics believed that Bronfman was paving way for his son Matthew to take over, but he looks likely to face a challenge from cosmetics tycoon and JNF President Ronald LauderAn interim president will be elected on 10 June.

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