Britney’s Jewish Fella?

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The award-winning singer, who recently split with husband Kevin Federline, has been spotted out on the razzle in Tinsel Town with model-come-actor Isaac Cohen.

And Britney-watchers have been quick to point out that her 25-year-old beau bears a striking resemblance to her ex. Brit and Kev separated after two years – the marriage lasted longer than her first attempt at matrimony.

That survived just 55 hours after the singer tied the knot with childhood friend Jason Alexander in Las Vegas in January 2004.

Early signs suggest, however, that Isaac and Britney’s romance may be just as shortlived. After a hard night’s partying this week, Spears – who took to wearing a red string around her wrist after Madonna introduced her to kabbalah – was snapped by paparazzi vomiting on the model in his car.

Let’s just hope she shows a little more decorum if she ends up with Isaac under a chuppah.

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