Big Deal For Danny

Big Deal For Danny
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Danny Bloom, 20, was watched by millions last week as he scooped £30,000 on Channel 4’s popular Deal or No Deal programme, hosted by Noel Edmonds.

After accepting an offer from the show’s banker of £20,000 plus three surprise boxes, the Stanmore Synagogue member saw the first two boxes opened to reveal underwear before celebrating as the final one produced a £10,000 bonus.

“I was absolutely delighted. I was hoping for around £10,000. I was there for 32 shows and have seen a lot of people get less so to get that amount was amazing,” Bloom told TJ. “I was expecting to graduate with a student debt and the need to work to build up a deposit on a house but now it is almost all there.”

The Birmingham University law student had been unable to tell friends about the windfall for weeks between when the episode was filmed in November and when it was finally screened. “It was difficult. They all tried to get it out of me but I bluffed them quite well. I couldn’t celebrate until it had been aired so on Boxing Day I had everyone over to watch it and the atmosphere was incredible,” said Bloom, who in a festive twist was selected to play by fellow contestants rather than the usual random system of selection.

While the Maccabi premier division footballer said that since the show started he has been recognised when he goes out, he insisted his win will not change him: “The money was nice but it was the experience which was the best thing, and one I will never forget.”

And contrary to popular perceptions about students, Bloom has not drunk away all his cash at the student bar, opting instead to keep a lot of it back for after his studies while the extra also came handy at Chanukah time.

But he said: “In the meantime, I will have some fun, go shopping and have some good nights out with friends. A couple of my close friends want me to take them on holiday which I am considering.”

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