Bicom ’embarrassed’ by misdirected email

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The email, sent by Lorna Fitzsimons, the director of the organisation, “dedicated to creating a more supportive environment for Israel in Britain”, stated: “Throughout the weekend, Bicom staff were in contact with a whole host of BBC and Sky news desks and journalists, ensuring that the most objectively favourable line was taken, and offering talking heads, relevant to the stories unfolding.”

She added: “Bicom has one of BBC News’ key anchors on a bespoke delegation. When planning her very first trip to the region, Sophie Long got in touch with Bicom to see if we could help her out with meeting in the region. Sophie is now spending three days of her trip with Bicom Israel, taking a tour around the Old City, meeting [Israeli government spokesman] Mark Regev…as well as visiting Ramallah and Sderot.”

Most embarrassing, however, was the revelation that Fitzsimons – a former NUS president and Labour MP for Rochdale – had “briefed Jonathan Ford, the Financial Times leader writer for his upcoming leading article” in the paper.

She noted Bicom had “regular contact with the Editor at Large of Prospect Magazine, David Goodhart, helping to inform him about the forthcoming UN vote on Palestinian statehood”.

A Bicom spokesman told the Jewish News that this “administrative error” was “slightly embarrassing”. He stressed that Fitzsimons had not been “asked to resign or had offered her resignation”.

Bicom 'embarrassed' by misdirected email by